About Us

“An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change.”

~ Louise L. Hay


In an age where we are constantly being defined by outer influences, voices, opinions etc, one of the most important narratives is that of which we tell ourselves. We believe that "as within, so without" that a person's outer world is an inner-reflection of themselves.


With so many products focused on improving the outer aesthetics of a person , why not something that finally helps remedy our true inner self?


Hence, The Sead Box was born.


It's functionality is designed to be multi-operational based on an individual's current needs. Whether for positive words to speak repetitively over your life, affirmations to shape a new self-belief, uplifting words of encouragement for yourself, a gift of love that can be passed to anyone who may need them, or simply a reminder of just how amazing you already are, it's crafted to be an all-around expression of love and transformation.


We thank you for visiting and hope that these mini-affirmation cards help build the bridge from where you are, to where you've always been destined to be.


We believe in you. We appreciate you. And again... we thank you.


-Team Sead Box