Declarations for elevation.

The Sead Box

"I love this! By far the best gift I have ever received."

Hillary Gadsby

"Not enough people say kind things anymore. To give someone a box of these, make them feel special and give them the ability to make others feel special? Talk about paying it forward!"

Kray Mitchell

"I have already gifted a box and going to order more to do the same. I love the shovel, its the perfect accent to the concept."

Gia Neal

"I let my students randomly pick The Sead Box cards that were upside down on my desk. Each child read their card and it touched there heart and change their perspective on life. My students look forward to picking their cards. This box is an instant affirmation for every situation."

Charles Clayton

"What can I say about The Sead Box. It’s amazing how something so small can contain such power and inspiration. I bought The Sead Box for my finance as a birthday present and she’s fallen in love with the quotes. So you have yourself a continuous customer. “I am great and the world is a better place because of me” per The Sead Box."

William Farmer

Sow. Engrain. Act. Develop.

Use these affirmations to "sow" a new definition of identity into the soil of your essence. Through repetition these declarations of self-love to become "engrained" firmly in your beliefs, habits and self-worth. Walk boldly in the consciousness of transformative growth and "act" with the confidence, ability, and peace thereof. With your mind, body, and soul now in synergetic harmony with one another, begin allow your core being to "develop" into the highest version of yourself. 

An Oasis of Self-Love

Based on a minimalistic design, each pack of 20 easy-to-read cards is placed into a kraft gift box, firmly bound by natural twine, placed onto cotton inner padding with its own personal antique brass shovel charm symbolizing new “seads” being sown.